Life-improving Nature of Tissue Transplantation

Tissue donation in all settings is purely altruistic. Tissues for transplantation are mainly procured from deceased donors after obtaining consent from next-of-kin. There are also a few types of tissues which are prepared from living donors such as Amniotic Membranes.
Tissue transplantation is fundamentally life-enhancing and in some cases life-saving therapeutic modality. More than a million patients globally take advantage of tissue transplantation each year; nevertheless, the infrastructure for tissue processing and banking is restricted to a number of countries.
Organ and tissue procurement and transplantation are conducted on a clear ethical framework and require transparency, and well-established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Tissue establishments are in charge of providing human tissues intended for transplantation with highest achievable safety and efficacy. In this context, continuous improvements over the years gaining benefit of expertise and new technologies have led to similar standard procedures.
Iranian Tissue Product (ITP) as a Knowledge-intensive firm and a Multi-tissue Bank makes nonstop efforts to process and provide human tissues for transplantation according to updated international standards taking serious considerations on quality control and quality assurance into account.